Seeing results of first FTP ride?

  • Hi
    Just performed my first FTP test with MaximumTrainer. Found the file on my laptop but how do I see the results? Tried opening it with a file viewer but that didn't work.
    Should also mention that I wasn't getting results on screen as I was doing the FTP test. Have I done something wrong?

  • Hey Stephen,

    Once you finish the FTP test completely, you should see the result pop up on the graph.
    It will also update your FTP value in your profile, so the value you have there is the last value you got in your FTP test.

    Hope that answers your question,

  • @admin Hi. no graph popped up either during or after the test.
    I paired my sensors and then went straight to Test. Should I have done anything else?
    Also I cannot find any mention of my Threshold on my profile.

  • Where you seing any "Power" value during the test?
    You need to have at least a power curve or a power meter to get a FTP value.
    Let me know

  • @admin No I saw nothing, just the time moving across the screen.
    Although I am PC savvy, I am new to the "power curve" expression.
    I have paired my sensors with MT but that is all. I do not have a smart trainer of any kind, just using Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors. If you could explain how to do the initial set up I would be very grateful.

  • @Stephen Try searching on YouTube for "Maximum Trainer ....." There are a few clips that will guide you

  • @fritserasmus thanks. Have done so but can't find what I need. I'm PC savvy but just don't know what is wrong.

  • Hey Stephen,

    For the FTP test to update your Power data (FTP) you need some kind of power input.
    Either a Power meter or a speed/cadence sensor with a Power Curve.
    Power curve are located on the ANT+ Page, on the right panel (Power) you can switch to power curve and look for your trainer there.


  • @Stephen , sorry I assumed you had a power meter on your bike. My mistake with advice.
    I am using Stages Power meter and it works a charm.

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