how can I connect my ant+ Stick ? Not showing

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  • Hey there,

    Make sure you have closed all other ANT+ processes before starting MT
    i.e : ANT+ Agent, Garmin express.

    If you are using this stick:
    It is not compatible with the app.

    That being said, the software as a free membership in order to test your equipment.
    If you would still like a refund, let me know.

  • @admin Hi and thanks for the answer.
    I finally paired my sensors with MT.
    I still have some issues I am trying to solve.
    I am trying the free FTP. I started and followed the session. Didn't see any results on screen as I was riding. Found the test result file but can't find a program to open it and see my FTP score.

  • answered on the other post :)

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