Auto upload

  • Hi I just did my first ride, using the software I'm pretty happy. But when finished the auto upload only worked on strava, not trainingpeaks. I re checked the trainingpeaks link and it is correct.
    Also can you see your workouts after they are done.
    Can you add a quick way to get to the home page, from maximum trainer.
    I'm using it with a computrainer.

  • Hi there,

    Please check that you have linked your training Peak account in Preference, AutoUpload
    You can try to unlink and link again.

    Then you workout should appear in your training peak profile at

  • @admin I already did it twice, strava works, not training peaks

  • So far you are the only one reporting this problem.
    Will see what may be causing this.
    Do you use a firewall on your computer?


  • No firewall, just doesn't upload. I'll try again tomorrow.

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