MAP and CP5

  • I tried to do the MAP, first everything was fine the it got to the test section, Got so hard I couldn't even turn the pedals. So I stopped when to the CP5 test, the same thing it got so hard that I couldn't do a single revolution. Not sure way, I do billats at 325w.
    I checked with editor, the wattage is at 283. At 178w for warmup pulse 128, so not sure. But it happen the same way both times and the test wattage is different.
    Any ideas

  • Hey there,

    for the MAP test , it is normal to "fail" it, the duration you can last determine the value so it is not meant to be finished.
    For the other tests, During any "test" labelled interval, your trainer should not be in erg mode to let you go below or above the target if you feel like it. Are you using a FE-C trainer?

  • @admin I'm using a computrainer. I know the MAP is to end, but not if you can even start it.

  • This may be a computrainer specific issue, will investigate, thanks for reporting.

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