How to change the linked Strava account for auto upload

  • I have accidentally linked my Maximum Trainer program to a wrong strava

    I tried the flowing:
    un-link and re-link, but MaximumTrainer did not ask what Strava account to
    link to (Remembering the previous settings)
    Logged out of Maximum Trainer, Logged out of Strava, Change my Strava
    password using another PC and checked it has actually changed, started
    Maximum Trainer, enter PW link the Strava account - Maximum Trainer just
    linked it. Again not asking what Strava account to log onto.

    How do I check an change the Strava account Maximum Trainer logs onto?



  • I am checking but this seem to be a problem when you click "remember my account"
    I am looking for a workaround solution right now, will let you know.

  • Hey Frits,

    I made a version here that has this issue fixed.
    If you don't want to wait for next version, here it is:


  • @admin Thank you very much Max

    I've downloaded and installed and it recheck Strava account, so I changed it.

    Just have to do a workout and will confirm all works fine.

    Thanks a million. Your support is awesome


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