ERG feedback

  • Hi,

    A curiosity question. If you set your Target Power to Flat and the Accepted Range to +- 20 when does an ERG trainer change the resistance? Does the trainer wait till you are out of the accepted range or does is it constantly varying resistance to try to keep you right at the Target Power? Another way of asking this: Is the accepted range just for display purposes (letting you see when you're in the green area) or is the range told to the trainer or is the range used by MaximumTrainer to know when to tell the trainer to change resistance?


  • Hey Nathaniel.

    The accepted range is just for display purpose,
    The target set on the trainer will always be the one in the middle of the range (the real target). The target is updated every second and sent to the trainer.

    In a flat interval, that means the trainer will not change the resistance during the interval. On progressive interval, the target will be changed multiple time to adjust to the new target. How you perform on a interval has no significance on the target, it is unforgiving like that :)


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