Bugs in latest version V3.04

  • Hi Max,
    Its been awhile! I used the latest version today and a bug popped up. I was on the last long interval and when it was supposed to go to the cooldown interval but it didn't change, I had to manually force the interval change. Also it did not see the end of the WO it kept on going when it was supposed to stop.

    Also I cleared out my history but the listing kept on showing the rides that I did in January. I could have sworn that last time (Jan) all had to do was clear out the history and the past rides list cleared .

    Let me know if you have any questions on these.

  • Hey Donto,

    Been a while indeed! Did this bug happens before to you? Can you rerun the same workout and have the same bug happens or does it happen random on interval change?

    The interval changes/end of WO are detected with the timer in another thread, so if your system is busy or not responding for 1sec, it could miss the interval change/end of WO in theory. Do you run a lot of other software at the same time? what kind of system are you using?

    As for the history, I am not sure what you mean, you want to delete workouts or activity history? if you want to delete workouts, click "folder, open workout" and delete the files there, same apply for history files (.fit file)

    Hopefully we can resolve this interval bug you are having.

  • @admin Hi Max,
    Just started riding again. I didn't rerun the workout but have been using it for other workouts since then without issue. I'm wondering is this was a CPU issue related to Win10 wonderful updating during usage. It's a 7 year old dual core laptop with 6GB memory.

    On the history aspect. I deleted all my old workouts (fit) in the History folder. When I looked at the workout list after refreshing, it still showed the workouts I did previously as 'Done'. I found the right-click, 'Select as undone' option and removed them as done so now I see only my current workouts as Being accomplished. No worries for now.

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