Hello, Autoupload

  • Hi Still won't upload(sync) to training peaks, strava is fine. I even imported workout file to wko4. Any ideas.

  • @speed_lab

    Hey, let me do a couple of test rides on my side.

    Also can you do a fake workout to help investigate: Open a workout, start it for a few second, close the windows and click "yes" to save the workout
    This should trigger the workout upload to trainingPeak, you can see the progress of the upload on the MainWindow, at the bottom in the middle. Let me know if you see any error messages in the progress.


  • Did it several times, no error anything. It looks fine and here the ping on my phone the link to strava is up and ready and nothing ever shows up at Peaks. I re-installed twice no change. I get the account linked confirmation.

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